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We can explore the relationship between creativity, innovation and new product development. In this context, we claim that the development of innovative products benefits from the generation of a high number of creative ideas. Moreover, we argue that such brainstorming can be particularly fruitful within collaborative multidisciplinary environments arising in the companies like yours and ours.

Our approach settles in existing literature to investigate the creativity and idea generation process within the frame of multidisciplinary cooperation initiatives, involving our companies. We then call upon our own empirical work to identify the conditions favorable to those processes. We will also explore methods to promote creativity and focus this creative potential on actual innovative solutions.

Compelling, unrelenting and fast paced change puts enormous strain on today’s business organizations. Creativity, innovation and the capacity to develop new products and services are becoming essential competencies to gain and maintain competitive positions. These activities are intimately linked to the optimization of knowledge flows, technology spillovers and the generation of creative ideas. Many factors influence creativity, innovation and new product development, and this complicates the task of companies that attempt to stimulate those capacities. They usually lack the resources and instruments to motivate knowledge processes and subsequent organizational innovation and they overlook management practices that would allow them to fulfill the creative potential of actual innovative solutions.

We propose that multidisciplinary cooperative environments can provide credible answers to those challenges and promote the efficiency of the triad “Innovation – Creativity - New product development”. Such environments, which often take the shape of cooperating networks, call upon a wide variety of knowledge and know-how from a multiplicity of factors and promote constant learning.

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We have:

- Organization strategy and resources;
- New technologies and innovative ideas;
- Research and development potential;
- Corporative culture and ethics;
- Communication tools;
- Employee motivation and involvement.

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