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These charts are the result of collaboration between highly qualified teams of experts in drugs interaction field and Pharmacists.

The aim of this product is to be a reference tool for physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) that deal with different drugs. The design is unique and easy to understand.

Builtbydoctors Drug Interaction Charts provide reliable, impartial and peer-reviewed information on drugs and substances used throughout the world - no other source has such breadth and depth of coverage. You can see interactions between: Drugs&Drug, Drugs&Foods, Drugs&Vitamins, Drugs&Solar Action, Drugs&Pathogens.

Key features include:

  • User-friendly format
    • Unique design which allows user to target key information at-a-glance.
  • Symbol system
    • A range of symbols Simple to understand.
  • Worldwide understanding
    • As well as commonly used synonyms, nomenclature includes approved pharmacopoeia names from Europe and the US.
  • Familiar format of Builtbydoctor's products.
  • Drugs arranged in alphabetic order for easy searching.
  • Easy-to-use severity rating symbols that offer guidance on the clinical significance of the interaction.
  • Essential clinical data for physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare providers.
  • Charts organized to better reflect the therapeutic field of drugs’ use.

The current titles include TOP selling areas, such as Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Pneumology, Psychiatry and many others.
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