Our Methods

Built by Doctors Ltd, is a professional Medical Publishing company to make available great solutions for multifarious medical visit business troubles. Ladder for our successful story is perfectly coordinated between growing external Pharmaceutical environment and our internal environment of the organization.
Our liberal, but rigorous approach towards medical visit solutions:

  • Our company uses only flexible policies and strategies for faster growth of our Pharmaceutical clients business as well as our internal working environment.
  • BBD methods and procedures are simple to implement and for optimal use of Pharmaceutical marketing resources.
  • Our methodology of depicting services are well appreciated by the clients as they are very flexible and elastic.
  • Perfect combination between flexible aspects and fix methodological rules allows Built by Doctors to offer outstanding medical visit solutions.

Built by Doctors business process review:

Each BBD project starts with a thorough medical visit process analysis and review of the results that each product delivers.

Thorough Testing:

Testing a BBD product before going live is essential. Nobody will discontinue the forward momentum of a project. We believe that the medical visit should be examined by the end users to get any inconsistencies regarding the final results and outcome that is expected by our clients (the stake holders).

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